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Now, this is a long one. This post is filled with a LOT of precious, heart-warming photos.

Tasha and Todd welcomed little baby Weston on September 27, 2013. He was causing quite the commotion before he decided to make his appearance! Tasha and Weston’s heart rates were being closely monitored because Weston’s kept dropping suddenly! After a couple scares, Tasha’s doctor called for the Emergency C!

Aside from being completely worried for mommy and baby … I was selfishly bummed. Emergency C meant I couldn’t go in with Todd and Tasha to photograph the exact moment Weston came! As a birth photographer, you want to be there to get those precious (chaotic) photos of the first minutes of baby’s life. I also knew how important it was to Tasha and how badly she wanted me in there to get those once in a lifetime photos. But, there was nothing we could do. Rules are Rules. Tasha was heading in for an Emergency C and I wasn’t going with them.

Until Tasha’s doctor came down the hall. He calmingly talked to Todd, who honestly, was a bit of a wreck… he was so worried about Tasha and Weston! A serious heart-melting moment. Her doctor turned – pointed at me and said, “Why aren’t you dressed?” (You know, in that sexy coverall disposable costume. An especially great look for a 6 month pregnant photographer.)

“I was told I wasn’t allowed to go in!!!”

“You work for me now! Get suited up!” and he ordered nurses to help me get dressed pronto! The adrenaline rushed over me and I was going in!

The rest is [documented] history. Weston came, healthy and freaking adorable, Tasha is perfectly healthy and I was there to capture all of it! I’ve been so patiently waiting to share this particular post. So, here it is. Weston making his way into the world! Enjoy!!!


 And just to finish off this post with a lovely shot of me all suited up and ready to go!


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