Welcoming 2015 + Day One of Giveaways!


I know I keep saying it, but I just can’t believe it’s 2015! The years always fly by so fast! I have many goals for this year and one of them is being more active with my photography! I do not just want to take photos all of the time.. I want to really put the effort into creating a business that will thrive. For me, this means creating personal interactions with clients, being open and honest to myself and to you, and being 100% present and involved with creating beautiful and timeless art for your families. Does it sound a little sappy? It may. But if I’m being 100% honest, my heart truly yearns for this career. My clients have touched my heart over the years and I would not be able to imagine a career where I am not emotionally connected to people like them. I want to continue to grow as a photographer and grow with my clients by my side as I stand by theirs.

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Now, for the exciting part!

I’m ready to start 2015 with a few special treats! By treats… I mean giveaways! That’s right. GIVE-A-WAYS. Three lucky fans of Urso Photography will receive three special prizes. I can barely contain myself!


$75 off one portrait session


$150 off of a newly booked wedding in 2015

How do I win this awesome treat?! I knew you were going to ask that! It’s going to be really simple! I promise.

Tell me something amazing that happened to you in 2014! It can be ANYTHING! Comment on this post or head back over to the Urso Photography Facebook Page, it’s pretty bare right now, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of new faces gracing the page soon!

This giveaway will be open for only one day! The winner will be announced tomorrow around 2:00p.m!

Good luck, friends!

With love,
Amanda Urso Perry

Mandy Bartal - January 10, 2015 - 4:02 am

2014 was a great year filled with some awesome memories! We enjoyed lots of family fun! Took an awesome vacation to the beach with my parents, and my sisters family. My hubby and I enjoyed playing with our little niece in the ocean! My son turned 17 years old and we all went to Gatlinburg for a long weekend!
Now, reminding you that my son is Senior in HS this year now…I really need to win so I can get those Senior Pics done!!! ;)

Jennifer Roden Otting - January 9, 2015 - 10:22 pm

In 2014,we welcomed our first son and third child! ( and probably last) we are so blessed with our little family and can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2015!

Callie Charlesworth Childs - January 9, 2015 - 10:12 pm

In 2014, we welcomed our second baby… A perfect baby girl! Our family became complete!!

Cassi Tweed - January 9, 2015 - 9:42 pm

In 2014, we found out we are going to be welcoming our THIRD baby in March! We are overwhelmed by God’s graciousness to our little family and so excited to see how this baby (gender surprise!) will fit into our crazy crew! :)

Angel Shaver Raines - January 9, 2015 - 9:17 pm

Starting a new teacher job at Naomi Elem school has been one of the best parts of 2014. I love everything about it!

Billy-Doris Vineyard - January 9, 2015 - 8:59 pm

The Lord opened up doors for my husband to teach & preach for churches without teachers and pastors.

Michelle Klaas Walterhouse - January 9, 2015 - 8:53 pm

We moved to our new home in Little Rock, AR! We love it here!

Jessica Vice - January 9, 2015 - 7:29 pm

The most amazing thing that happened to me in 2014 was giving birth to our amazing baby girl!! She truly was our little miracle baby!! Don’t know what we did without her!

Lacey Tinker - January 9, 2015 - 7:20 pm

I learned who I was again… After divorce/breakup I was able to find myself and get in check! That was my great thing that happened in 2014.. There are many many more though! So happy Urso Photography is back!!!

Taylor 'Lewis' Olinger - January 9, 2015 - 7:15 pm

So many amazing things in 2014. Aubrey started school at Normal Park and we couldn’t be happier, she’s is 1st grade now…..whaaaaa??!!!

Scott Tanner - January 9, 2015 - 7:06 pm

My new best friend was born at the beginning of 2014. He may still be a little guy but before I know it we can work in the yard together, and play some basketball. Having Brantley join Amanda and I this year was definitely the best thing in 2014

Shannon Smith Rominger - January 9, 2015 - 6:55 pm

We finally found the perfect place to call home! The kids, and me and Brian, love the property and they have their own rooms again. They’ve had a blast decorating again. It is at the top of the list of many amazing things that happened in 2014. We are ecstatic to have you back!

Brittany Hawkins - January 9, 2015 - 6:52 pm

Alina started a special needs pre-k program, and she is thriving!! It was one of the biggest blessings of 2014 :) Aleksander played baseball for the first time, and well he is quite the little slugger. And welcome back!! Can’t wait to see the beauty you create this year!

Chas-Brittany Galloway - January 9, 2015 - 6:38 pm

Ellie started Kindergarten in 2014! It has changed our routine and really made me realize how fast all of this is going. Time slow down!! How can she be in school?? She LOVES it. That helps me knowing she is enjoying it so much. :-) Welcome back URSO Photography.

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