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I’ve been photographing the Wilson family for quite some time now. I’ve experienced multiple emotions while being with Billy and Melissa. From happiness and joy to heart wrenching pain.

I photographed Billy and Melissa with the delivery of their first daughter, Lynnleigh Bea. Being with the Wilson family at the hospital was pure love. Lynnleigh came into the world and created a magical place in the hearts around her. One short week later, I photographed her newborn session. I remember being so excited to photograph this little red head bundle with a couple of pretty new props! I also remember falling in love with her pudgy little cheeks and belly. (I’m a sucker for a tubby baby!)

We then went on to photograph Lynnleigh’s three month session and six month session. I remember both of those days like yesterday. Her three month session was downtown Chickamauga. We walked around and even got to stop and listen to a local band playing in the street. Her six month session was fall and close to Halloween. We were at the Battlefield with pumpkins. I remember getting only a few smiles out of her that day. I also remember that belly of hers sticking out over her pants! :D

Just a couple days after Lynnleigh’s six month session, I headed out of town to attend a friends wedding on Saturday. My husband and I got up super early Sunday morning to drive back into town so I could photograph a different wedding on Sunday. I remember having a voicemail from Melissa in the middle of the night asking that I call her after I finished photographing my wedding on Sunday. When I called Melissa on my drive home that evening, I vividly remember my heart breaking. Lynnleigh Bea, only six months old, had passed away. The Wilson family had spent their weekend mourning the loss of little Lynnleigh. I came home that evening and edited her most recent session while crying my eyes out.

It’s hard to think back to 2011 without remember Lynnleigh. I’ve loved having a canvas of her hanging in my office. Lynnleigh is a blessing reminder that you’re never guaranteed tomorrow and neither are the loved ones around you. It’s always important to cherish everyone you care about and to let them know that you love them.

Lynnleigh Bea will always hold a special place in my heart. Here are just a few of the photos from Lynnleigh’s sessions. 


Now for Maci Lynn. Sweet Maci came into Billy and Melissa’s life when they needed her the most. After the devastating loss of Lynnleigh, Melissa was faced with serious health issues. The doctors told her, if you want to have more children… you must do so now. It was in God’s hands on whether Billy and Melissa would have other children and clearly God had planned for them another daughter. A little over one year after Lynnleigh’s passing… They welcomed little Maci Lynn.

I was there to photograph her delivery… and although I was in the waiting room along side Billy and all of the family, we got to see miracle Maci come down the hall just minutes after her birth. This past year has been a whirlwind of joy with Maci. From photographing her newborn session, to dedicating her six month session to big sister Lynnleigh to her most recent one year session.

Maci has brought so much Love and Happiness to the Wilson family and to myself. Her spunky little personality and her bright red hair. She’s such a pure blessing.

Here’s a small look back over her first year followed by her one year session.


Thank you Billy, Melissa and Maci for letting me be a part of your life. I truly do love and care for you and your family. I can’t wait to watch Maci grow into a little toddler and little girl!

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