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Our son, Ethan, was diagnosed with Autism when he was five years old. Since then we have been introduced to an entirely new world of children with special needs. We have met many new families and made a lot of new friends.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that taking photos of children can be difficult… special needs or not.  I’ve talked with many parents who haven’t had the ‘picture perfect’ experience when having photos taken. It could be anything from the flash upsetting a child with sensory concerns, a photographer becoming frustrated & impatient or even just a child having an off day.

I do not want the families of special needs children to miss out on the opportunity for truly memorable family photos. Because of my own personal family life, I have become more understanding and patient. I may not have a PhD in child psychology, but I do have a degree in being a mommy of an Autistic child. I know how challenging daily life can sometimes be. I want to offer your child the safest and most flexible environment they not only need, but deserve.

A photo session with your children should be an enjoyable story to tell. I want you to walk away knowing that your child had a great time and that you’ll be getting wonderful photos to reflect this moment in your lives. You deserve beautiful photos of your children!

 A few notes from my new friends:

“Tagen fell in love at first sight with her.”

“My son Tagen has Angelman Syndrome. We are so blessed to have him, and he is truly our angel sent from heaven. As a mom with a special needs child, I constantly find myself looking for other moms who have special children too. When I met Amanda and she shared her life story and told me all about her precious son we instantly became friends. I was also so excited to hear of her profession as a professional photographer!!

It is hard to make any four year old cooperiate in pictures but even more of a challenge when they have special needs. Our experience with Amanda was wonderful! We got the absolute best photos we have ever had taken of our family and especially Tagen! Tagen fell in love at first sight with her. She was so warm and patient. She knew exactly how to handle Tagen. I am so grateful to have Amanda as our family photographer and especially as our friend!” – Kate


“She captured beautiful, natural, perfect moments with loving interactions!”

“Amanda did a session for me  &  my family. I felt a little funny trying to make requests for the sake of my child with disabilities, but she eased me very quickly with her sweet, understanding response (& brought me to tears with the fact that she even does some special things for us ‘special needs’ families).

My son was going to require an early session because of poor endurance & muscle strength which she didn’t even bat an eye at. She immediately altered to fit my schedule and my son’s needs. She was so sweet and wonderful during the shoot. My 4 yr old loved her & nothing was painstaking like many photo shoots usually are. He has a difficult time holding his body up in certain positions, but nothing was an issue with her style of shooting. It was actually really fun & relaxed.

Afterwards my husband & I swore there was no way she could’ve taken really good ones because we never really ‘posed’. I couldn’t have been more wrong!! There were so many great ones I couldn’t even decide!! She captured beautiful, natural, perfect moments with loving interactions! These are the reasons she is such a great photographer. It is a whole experience & an enjoyable one. My husband really doesn’t like ‘photo shoots’ at all & even he said he enjoyed it. I will definitely use Urso Photography again! Thank you Amanda!!!” -Jeni, Diron & Satchel


“We both had a blast getting our photos made with her”

“My son Hunter and I had a very great experience with Ms. Amanda. Hunter is one who is uncomfortable with getting his pictures made and we have to be extremly careful due to his seizures. Amanda was wonderful and patient with him the whole time. We both had a blast getting our photos made with her and she did an excellent job. I do recommend that anyone who wants great photos needs to see her. I got the best pictures with my son and I!!!! Thank you Amanda for our wonderful photo session Hunter and I had a great relaxing time!” – Shirley


“Her calming, yet bubbly personality won my son over in a second!”

“As a mom of a child with special needs, I have come to expect to not know what to expect. Parents of children with special needs know that you just never know when they may have an “off day”, if you will need to modify your plans, and if others will be patient and understanding when things don’t go as planned. For these reasons, I was a little nervous to set up any kind of professional photography session.
We heard about Urso Photography from a friend, and decided to give it a try! When we met Amanda, she quickly put all of our fears to rest. Her calming, yet bubbly personality won my son over in a second! She was flexible with our scheduling the best time for him, and choosing a location that would work best for us. She made the session feel like we were just playing at the park, and she was there to snap a few pictures. None of us felt pressure, or stressed about what our son was doing, or if he was cooperating. If something wasn’t working, she quickly and patiently changed plans. When we were finished, we felt great about the whole experience, and in no time we had amazing pictures that truly captured our family dynamic, and my son’s amazing personality! I would recommend Amanda to any parent with a child with special needs!”

Debra Joy Schleifer - December 5, 2017 - 2:14 am

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