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There aren’t too many things to stress about when it comes to having your photos taken. My advise is to plan ahead. On this page you’ll find different categories that you can search through to find answers to your questions. If after you’ve read through here and still have questions.. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Maybe I’ll add your question here for future clients!


I am constantly asked which location I would choose for your photos. This question can be answered one of two ways. I can tell you where I want your photos to be.. or you could tell me where YOU want your photos to be.

My suggestion is ALWAYS think ahead about what kind of scenery you would like to see yourself at when looking at your photos. Also, think about places that you like to go or often go to. If you are not an outdoorsy person… we probably don’t want to go to lake and take photos of you kayaking. However, if that’s something you love to do… let’s incorporate the water!

When we’re discussing location, just keep in mind what fits you. If you’re still not sure of a place .. we can come up with one together. Chattanooga and North Georgia have so many awesome and beautiful locations… it’s easy to find a spot!

  • “Do you do studio photography?”     Yes! We have a really unique studio space located in historic St. Elmo. We photograph maternity, newborns, young babies and families in our studio space!
  • “Can we have our session in our home?”     Absolutely! I love photographing families in their own home! It doesn’t get more personal than that!
  • “What about outdoor locations?”         When choosing an outdoor location, I love incorporating nature! Whether it’s the beautiful rocks of a creek bed or being within the trees, your photos will be beautiful!    


We want your photos to show the real you as much as possible… after all, YOU’RE in them! Wear something that you’re comfortable in and that is simliar to what you may normally wear. If you pick out an outfit and you feel uncomfortable… it will more than likely show in your photos. We are our own worst critics. If you think you look strange in the mirror – you’re going to see strange in the photos. So go with flattering comfort.

When it comes to picking out your family’s clothing, think COORDINATION. We do not necessarily want you all to match in the same exact shirt and pants. Let someone wear a pattern while others go with solid colors. If you’re still searching for ideas … try my Pinterest board!

  • “Can we bring a change of outfits?”         Sure! I have often had families bring a set of nicer clothing and then change into a more casual outfit for everyone. Try to keep the number of changes limited. It will cut into your session time.



Now! The earlier the better. It’s always a good idea to plan these things ahead of time. I suggest at least one month ahead of time depending on availability. This will also give yourself time to plan.

NEWBORN sessions would ideally be booked before you ever deliver! Remember, newborn babies should be photographed within two weeks of their birth!

Some seasons such as spring and fall are busier than others. There may not always be last minute availability.



I am typically a natural light photographer so I like to plan my sessions around the sun. I try to start my sessions about an hour before sunset. The middle of the day can be such harsh lighting.

If evenings do not work for your family, we can also plan an early morning session that starts at sunrise.



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