Olivia | Chattanooga Portrait Photographer

Over the summer, my family vacationed in St. Augustine and we had a very special guest with us; Olivia. Every year, we go on vacation with my sister’s boyfriend (now fiance) and his mother. Olivia came a long this year and we really enjoyed having her there with us. Norah fell in love with her and I think Ethan may have even had a little summer crush. Ethan is 10 and Olivia is 14. One night we were walking on the beach and Ethan said, ever so smoothly, “So, Olivia, are you in a relationship right now?” We about died. I had to have a discussion with my son one night about how Olivia is just a little too old for him right now and it was PRECIOUS.

It’s totally understandable why Ethan became smitten with her. She’s absolutely beautiful. We had planned a full portrait session to do the last night of vacation on the beach and in the city of St. Augustine. Unfortunately, the weather had another plan for us… which was to just stay inside our last night because it stormed like crazy! We did manage to make it out to the beach for about 20 straight minutes of perfect shot after perfect shot. She made it super easy. I love the way the photos turned out kinda dark and mysterious at the end. I almost feel like she’s a mermaid coming up from out of the water! Let us know what you think.

I hope you enjoy your photos, Olivia! Maybe next time, we’ll have more than 20 minutes!

With love,

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