Nathan, Ethan, Me & Nathan’s Beard | A Personal Post

Man .. I love my family. Personally, I think we’re the best. I may be a little biased, but hey… what mother isn’t?!

So to tell this story, Nathan grew a beard. As beards go… I, Amanda, became very fond of it. When he first began growing it out I begged him not to shave. “I’ll shave after Christmas,” he said..  “I’ll shave in January,” he said… “I’m going to give it another month,” he said.  As the months went on and the beard grew longer and bushier… I think Nathan also began to grow a little fond of his man-beard.

“I’m really going to shave the first day of spring,” Nathan told me. I then found myself dreading the first day of spring!

Now, my sweet friend Shelby usually does all of our family photos but, she’s moved to Florida. Shelby was planning a trip to Chattanooga at the end of March, which was AFTER the first day of Spring.

“PLEASE WAIT!” I begged Nathan. I wanted to document this amazing beard my hot and manly husband had grown! Nathan agreed to wait, but Shelby couldn’t come. She had to reschedule her trip to April! Nathan was NOT going to wait to shave! I just had to get some family photos. I asked my 9 month pregnant friend, Cynthia, but she was just too pregnant! I thought about asking my mother, but she can barely work her new iPhone! My sister was in Florida! What was I going to do?!

Then it hit me, Aubrie. Yes! Aubrie! Sure she’s only 13, but she’s my best friend’s daughter AND an aspiring photographer! I remember when I was 13 I wanted to be a photographer… in fact, it involved Aubrie’s mother and myself taking photos of each other as models. But then again.. what 13 year old girl DOESN’T do that I ask you!

Aubrie was thrilled and loved every minute of using my camera to take our photo! She got a few good ones too! That’s all I needed, just a few good family shots of us and Nathan’s beard.

Gosh, I just love these images. I could look at them all day long!
Thank you SO much Aubrie! You gave me exactly what I was hoping for!

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