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Around the age of four, we asked Ethan, “When is a good age for your first trip to Disney World?”

I remember Ethan replying so certainly that eight was the perfect age for Disney. We’ve asked him time and time again, ‘are you sure you want to wait until 8?’ and he always answered with a yes. Even last year, when Ethan was seven.. I tried to get him to want to go to Disney because I was ready for Disney, but no, he still wanted to wait.

The new year rolled around and Ethan’s birthday was coming up in February. Finally! He’s turning eight and oh crap, we have to PAY for a trip to Disney! One would have thought to actually SAVE money these past four years… but, hey, where’s the sense in that?!

After weeks and weeks of planning with Grammy, we booked our trip for Disney in the fall!  “Aww, Why do we ALWAYS go on vacation so late in the year?!” Because, Ethan, we have to SAVE! lol


Well, while we are waiting on fall to get here and our Disney trip to happen, I thought it would be fun to watch a different Disney movie each week. Not only that but plan a fun dinner to go along with our movie! I’ve seen it doen on Pinterest plenty of times!


While I’ve been sharing this on Facebook, I wanted to blog it as well. You’ve probably seen these photos before, but I will continue to add our future movie nights to the website! =)

I hope you enjoy checking out some of the fun family things we do, and who knows, maybe it will inspire others to do something a little creative!

2.24.2013 – The Lady and the Tramp – Spaghetti and Meatballs

03.03.2013 – UP – Hot Dogs

03.10.2013 – WALL.e – Just Popcorn
This was our cheat week – the Sunday before Ethan was diagnosed with the FLU. :(

03.24.2013 – The Aristocats – French Onion Pork Chops, French Green Beans, French Bread, “French” mashed potatoes, and French Praline Ice Cream. Get it, they’re french?

Stay tuned for more Family Movie Nights! We have slacked off the past few weeks due to some great weather, photo shoots, etc. If the movie night doesn’t happen on Sunday, we’ll hopefully have it on Mondays! Gotta keep it going!

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