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Chattanooga Autism Center Family Photo Day | Chattanooga & North Georgia Special Needs Photographer

Let’s take a moment to recognize all the families here in Chattanooga and North Georgia that have sweet childrenRead More »

Samuel & Flash | Chattanooga & North Georgia Special Needs Photographer

Meet Samuel and his service dog, Flash. This is actually the 2nd time I’ve photographed Samuel & Flash. A fewRead More »

The Whicker Family | Chattanooga Special Needs Photographer

Oh my stars. Tagen. How do I begin to speak of my love for this boy? Tagen has Angel-man Syndrome which basically meansRead More »

Samuel | Chattanooga Special Needs Photographer

When our son, Ethan, was first diagnosed as high functioning Autistic, we were surprisingly relieved. An answer to hisRead More »