Amanda & Her Babes | North Georgia Family Photographer

Meet Amanda. She’s pretty much the most awesome person, ever. Amanda and I met a few years ago but did not become friends until last year… when we instantly hit it off and basically became best friends forever. BFF – if you will.

Amanda is a wonderful Godly woman, mother, wife and friend. She’s a true inspiration to the Christian woman I aspire to be. I love watching her with her husband & children. Her babes are always so well-mannered and sweet and just down right precious.

However, when we met this morning to photograph her with her children.. you can tell that her babes have “photographer children” syndrome because Amanda is ALSO a photographer. Basically what this means is that they’re so use to being in front of her camera that when another camera gets on them.. they do the exact opposite of what you ask of them. Amanda handled herself, Summer, Knox and Corbin so well. We ended up getting some beautiful photos of her that she was well overdue for.

So, Amanda, my dear friend, I hope you love these images of you and your little angels. I know I do.

Leave some love for Amanda and her kiddos in the comments! I know you will because it’s going to be hard not to comment on how beautiful she is and how cutie cute her children are!

With love,


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