Samuel & Flash | Chattanooga & North Georgia Special Needs Photographer

Meet Samuel and his service dog, Flash. This is actually the 2nd time I’ve photographed Samuel & Flash. A few years ago we went to Rock City Gardens and I got some really sweet photos of these two fellas throughout the park.

Fast forward to today… Sam is now in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL! I cannot believe it. Flash is still there by his side helping him cope through each day and there as a forever friend.

Paws with a Cause contacted me in hopes of capturing some great photos of Sam & Flash together so they could feature the two of them in an article that was recently published. They graced the cover of this season’s newsletter which contained a beautifully written piece about Sam & Flash. You can read that article HERE.

I’m extremely honored every time I get to capture photos of Samuel. He’s such an amazing young man and has such a sweet soul. I always love watching him interact with Flash and Flash with him. I’m so happy to call them my friends.

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